Dress up games is a special category of games for girls, which has such a huge number of fans around the world that left far behind many other genres of online games.

The history of its origin dress up games are due to the favorite hobby of girls of all times - paper dolls. Once upon a time, our mothers and grandmothers drew a girl's figure on thick cardboard, and then created paper outfits for it, fixed it on the figure with paper clips. These games have helped girls in the past to learn how to create outfits and clothing sets, combining them correctly. These were the first dress up games.

Playing with dolls has always been the most favorite among girls of all ages, and flash dress up games will appeal not only to girls, but also to their mothers and grandmothers, who also sometimes enjoy playing such games.

What do girls want from dress up games?

All girls want to be fashionable. And if in real life the possibilities of each girl are not unlimited, then in dress up games they can afford everything they want:

- dress up the bride,
- visit a fashion boutique and choose a suitable outfit,
- turn Cinderella into a Princess,
- take part in the fashion show of a fashion designer,
- come up with an outfit for the first date,
- make a wardrobe for the upcoming school week,
- create the most daring look in your life and go to a night party in a cool club and much more!

What can dress up games teach you?

Games in which girls have the opportunity to dress up a doll and choose a wardrobe for her, will not just give you unforgettable and fun moments of the game: they will teach you the necessary skills that will be useful in real life.

If you play dress up games, you will:

- cultivate a taste and sense of beauty,
- learn how to combine colors correctly,
- learn about the rules for applying makeup and creating hairstyles.

Types and genres of dress up games

All dress up games can be divided into a variety of types and genres, depending on the theme of the game or who is its hero. The theme of the game is dress up games about school, shopping, pet owners, sports life, mother and child rearing, work, and others.

According to the character of dress up games, you can distinguish games with celebrities, ordinary girls and girls as the main characters and games with fictional fantastic creatures-fairies, vampires, mermaids. Girls love dress up games with celebrities from disney cartoons and movies, as well as Barbie or Frozen, Ever After High and Monster High, as well as with famous movie Actresses, models and singers, and TV stars.

Also, dress up games are divided by the style of clothing that the game is based on: it can be casual style, fashion style, Asian style, informal style – rock, hip-hop and emo. Also, some dress up games erase all boundaries and offer you to become a designer whose flight of imagination is not limited by anything.

Usually dress up games are also divided by the season or holiday for which the outfit is selected: you can come up with a costume for Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine's Day.

A separate interesting genre is games in which you can learn how to combine accessories, choose jewelry for an outfit in a certain style.
You will be surprised at how diverse and interesting the world of dress up games is.