FNAF Guide

Read a short guide to the game of FNAF. It will cover the basic rules of FNAF game, its mechanics, survival tactics, description of monsters with basic tricks, and brief tips on how to pass the story part of Five Nights at Freddy's.

Contents FNAF:

  1. FNAF game rules
  2. How to Look Through the Camera in FNAF
  3. Energy and Energy Saving in FNAF
  4. Doors and Lights
  5. Map and rooms
  6. Types of monsters, their tactics and features
  7. Tips and tactics for the passage of the game FNAF

Five Nights at Freddy's game rules

"Five Nights at Freddy's" is not your typical video game. In the world of FNAF, a seemingly simple job of working the night shift at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza turns into a harrowing experience. With lurking animatronics and limited resources, your primary goal is to survive.

  1. Stay in Your Office: Throughout the game, you'll be stationed in your office. Movement is limited to looking left and right. No walking around the pizzeria.
  2. Monitor the Animatronics: You're provided with surveillance cameras, which allow you to keep an eye on the animatronics' movements. At the start, three animatronics will be in the main show stage area, but they won't stay there for long.
  3. Conserve Energy: The pizzeria has a limited power supply. Using doors or lights consumes this energy. If you run out before 6:00 AM, you're left vulnerable to the animatronics.
  4. Control the Doors: Your main defense mechanism is the two doors on either side of your office. You can close these doors to prevent animatronics from entering. Always be sure before using them; keeping them shut unnecessarily drains power.
  5. Use the Lights: Adjacent to each door is a light switch. Use these to illuminate the blind spots just outside your doors. If you spot an animatronic, it's probably time to close that door!
  6. Watch the Clock: Your shift runs from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM. You need to prevent the animatronics from reaching you until the end of your shift. The animatronics become more aggressive as the nights progress.
  7. Beware of Additional Threats: As the game progresses, other animatronics might join the initial three. Each has unique movement patterns and behavior, requiring you to adapt your strategy.
  8. Survive Until 6:00 AM: Your goal every night is to make it until 6:00 AM without being "jumpscared" by any animatronic. Successfully navigate five nights, and you win.
  9. Stay Alert: The animatronics become more unpredictable and aggressive with each passing night. Relying solely on a single strategy or becoming complacent will make survival difficult.
  10. Consequences: Failure to monitor and respond to the animatronics will lead to a jumpscare, indicating your loss. The game punishes any negligence or miscalculation severely.

In the eerie world of "Five Nights at Freddy's," survival is key. With limited resources and impending threats, players must stay vigilant, strategic, and always on their toes. Remember, at Freddy's, it's not just a game—it's a fight for survival.

How to Look Through the Camera in FNAF

In "Five Nights at Freddy's," the camera system is your primary means of monitoring the animatronics and ensuring your safety. Here's a detailed breakdown of how to effectively use it:

  1. Accessing the Camera:

    • Click on the rectangular button at the bottom of your screen to bring up the camera system.
  2. Monitoring Animatronics:

    • Toggle between different cameras by clicking on the camera buttons displayed on the map. Each camera corresponds to a different area of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
    • Focus more on animatronics that are closer to you. They are a more imminent threat. However, even distant animatronics can rapidly move closer, so keep an eye on all of them.
  3. Understanding Animatronic Movement:

    • Animatronics can change their position even if you're watching them, but certain ones, like Foxy, behave differently with consistent monitoring.
  4. Dealing with Foxy:

    • Foxy resides in Pirate Cove and is unique. Keep a regular check on Pirate Cove, and you'll notice Foxy's progression:
      1. Inactive: Curtains closed with a "Sorry! Out of Order" sign.
      2. Getting Ready: Curtains slightly open with Foxy peeking out.
      3. Gathering: Foxy is more visible, leaning out from the curtains.
      4. Gone: Curtains are fully open, and Foxy is absent. This means he's on the move.
    • If you notice that Foxy is missing from Pirate Cove, immediately close the left door of your office. Foxy sprints towards your office, and you can usually hear the sound of running feet.
  5. Managing Power:

    • Remember that using the camera consumes power. The longer you have it open, the more power you use. It's essential to use the camera system wisely and efficiently.
  6. Handling Disturbances:

    • If the camera feed starts to flicker or show static, it's a sign that an animatronic is moving. If you're consistently monitoring them, the disturbances increase.
    • When this happens, it's a good idea to lower the camera and quickly check the lights on both sides of your office. This will let you know if an animatronic is right outside.
  7. General Tips:

    • Periodically check all camera feeds to ensure you have a good idea of where each animatronic is.
    • Prioritize checking the cameras closest to your office. If you see an animatronic close by, you can take preventative measures like closing the door.
    • Remember, in FNAF, anticipation and quick reactions are key. Use the camera system effectively, and you'll increase your chances of surviving the night!

In essence, the camera system is your eyes and ears in the terrifying world of FNAF. Use it effectively, stay alert, and you just might make it through all five nights at Freddy's!

Energy and Energy Saving in FNAF

In FNAF, energy conservation is vital for survival. The game revolves around strategically managing your limited power while ensuring you're safe from animatronics.

Here's an overview of the power system and energy-saving strategies in the game:

  1. Understanding Energy Consumption:

    • You start with 99% energy each night.
    • Certain actions drain energy: using cameras, turning on hallway lights, and closing the doors.
    • As the energy drops to 0%, you're left vulnerable to animatronics.
  2. Modes of Consumption:

    • Passive Mode: The most energy-efficient mode. In this mode, you do not engage with any controls, just sitting still. But this method isn't practical, as the animatronics will inevitably approach.
    • Normal Mode: Using one action, like viewing a camera or closing a single door.
    • Overconsumption Mode: Engaging in multiple energy-consuming actions at once, like using cameras and having both doors closed.
  3. Energy-Saving Tips:

    • Monitor Strategically: If you're certain an animatronic won't approach from a specific side, focus your energy elsewhere. For instance, close the door on the other side and refrain from using the camera.
    • Quick Light Checks: Use short, rapid clicks to check the hallway lights. If an animatronic is nearby, you'll hear a sound. This method uses minimal energy compared to keeping the light on continuously.
    • Avoid Prolonged Door Closure: After an animatronic attack, they typically retreat quickly. Use the light to check if they've moved, and if so, immediately open the door to save energy.
    • Idle Start: At the beginning of the first night, you can stay passive for a while, conserving energy for the later, more active phases of the game.
    • Banking Energy: If you manage to save up to 25% energy by 5 AM, you can opt to close both doors and wait out the final hour. Even if the power depletes entirely, you might still survive the remaining time before animatronics attack.
    • Fifth Night Strategy: On the fifth night, passive energy conservation might not be effective, especially during the endgame. Animatronics become more aggressive and unpredictable. You might need to be more proactive in using your resources.
  4. Keep Calm:

    • One of the most crucial aspects of FNAF is to remain calm. Panicking can lead to unnecessary energy consumption, making it harder for you to survive the night.

In conclusion, "Five Nights at Freddy's" is as much a strategy game as it is a horror game. Proper energy management is the key to lasting till 6 AM, ensuring your safety from the haunting animatronics of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

Doors and Lights

In "Five Nights at Freddy's", your security office becomes the central battleground against the animatronics. While you have cameras to monitor various rooms and hallways, your primary defensive tools are the doors on either side of you and the lights that illuminate the immediate hallways outside these doors.

1. Doors:

  • Functionality: Doors serve as the primary barricade against most of the animatronics.
  • Operation: A red button controls each door. Pressing it will either close or open the door.
  • Continuous Use: Unlike the lights, once a door is closed, it remains shut until you choose to open it. This provides a continuous barrier, but it continuously drains power while closed.
  • Blind Spots: The positions right outside your doors are blind spots on the camera feed. This makes the lights essential for checking these immediate areas.

2. Lights:

    • Functionality: The lights illuminate the hallways directly outside your doors. They help detect animatronics lurking close by.
    • Operation: Each door has its light, controlled by a button located directly below the door button.
    • Temporary Use: When you press the light button, it illuminates the adjacent hallway for a brief moment (a second or two) and then turns off.
    • Detection: The hare (Bonnie) and hen (Chica) can be directly seen with the light when they are at the door. For Chica, even if you don't see her directly, her shadow might be visible when she's lurking nearby, indicating her presence.
    • Energy Consumption: Using the lights consumes power, but unlike the doors, they do not continuously drain power when activated.

    3. Strategy Tips:

    • Efficient Checking: Periodically check the lights, especially when you can't locate an animatronic on the cameras. This helps ensure no animatronic is right outside waiting to jumpscare you.
    • Power Conservation: While it's essential to check your surroundings, refrain from overusing the doors and lights. Keeping a door shut when it's not necessary or excessively flashing the lights can deplete your power reserves quickly.
    • Listen for Cues: Sometimes, audio cues like footsteps or animatronic noises can give away their proximity, helping you decide when to use the lights or doors.

    In FNAF, mastering the use of doors and lights, coupled with efficient camera surveillance, is vital for surviving the nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

    Map and rooms

    "Five Nights at Freddy's" (FNAF) features a surveillance system that allows you to monitor various rooms and corridors within Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Here's a detailed breakdown of the map and rooms:

    1. CAM1A - Show Stage:

    • Significance: Starting point for Freddy, Bonnie (hare), and Chica (hen).
    • Observation: When animatronics start to disappear from here, you know the night is starting to ramp up.

    2. CAM1B - Dining Area:

    • Significance: A common room where Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica wander.
    • Observation: A central hub, and frequent visits by the animatronics can be expected here.

    3. CAM5 - Backstage (Workshop):

    • Significance: Various animatronic parts are seen here. Bonnie is often spotted in this area.
    • Observation: Bonnie tends to frequent this room, but Chica and Freddy can also be spotted occasionally.

    4. CAM1C - Pirate Cove:

    • Significance: Foxy's exclusive starting point.
    • Observation: Keep a close watch on Foxy as the curtain gradually opens. Once it's fully open, Foxy will begin his sprint toward the player's location.

    5. CAM3 - Supply Closet:

    • Significance: Mainly associated with Bonnie.
    • Observation: Bonnie can be spotted here, often mid-route between other rooms.

    6. CAM2A - West Hall:

    • Significance: This is the starting point of the left-side corridor leading to your room.
    • Observation: Both Bonnie and Foxy pass through here. Notably, when Foxy is running, this is his route.

    7. CAM2B - West Hall Corner:

    • Significance: This is the end of the left corridor, right before your door.
    • Observation: Animatronics will appear here before moving to attack the player. A notable feature is the poster that occasionally changes to depict a golden Freddy, hinting at a possible jumpscare.

    8. CAM7 - Restrooms:

    • Significance: Chica and Freddy can be found here.
    • Observation: Chica often stops here while moving through the pizzeria, and occasionally, Freddy makes an appearance.

    9. CAM6 - Kitchen:

    • Significance: An audio-only camera.
    • Observation: Players cannot see this area but can hear the animatronics, particularly Chica rummaging or Freddy's song, indicating their presence.

    10. CAM4A - East Hall:

    • Significance: The starting point of the right-side corridor leading to your office.
    • Observation: Both Chica and Freddy use this route to approach the player.

    11. CAM4B - East Hall Corner:

    • Significance: The end of the right corridor, adjacent to your right door.
    • Observation: Chica or Freddy will appear here just before attempting to enter the player's room.

    Your Office:

    • Significance: The player's sanctuary and the main viewpoint of the game.
    • Defense: Here, you can control the doors and lights, defend against the animatronics, and monitor the surveillance cameras.

    Successfully juggling your attention between the cameras, understanding each animatronic's behavior, and conserving power are the keys to surviving the terrifying nights at Freddy's.

    Types of monsters, their tactics and features

    In Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF), the player's primary antagonists are the malfunctioning animatronics of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Each monster has unique behaviors, attack patterns, and vulnerabilities. Here's a detailed analysis:

    1. Bonnie (Bunny):

    • Behavior: Active on the left side. Begins movement from CAM1A.
    • Attack Zones: CAM3, CAM2A, CAM2B.
    • Tactics: If unnoticed, Bonnie can block the player's ability to close the doors or use the lights. A vigilant player must frequently check Bonnie's position.

    2. Chica (Little Hen):

    • Behavior: Active on the right side. Starts from CAM1A.
    • Attack Zones: CAM4A, CAM4B.
    • Tactics: Similar to Bonnie but on the opposite side. Less aggressive but just as dangerous if ignored.

    3. Freddy (Bear cub):

    • Behavior: Stealthy, appearing only occasionally on cameras. Starts from CAM1A and sticks to the right side.
    • Attack Zones: CAM4A, CAM4B.
    • Tactics: Freddy's glowing eyes give away his position in the dark. He does not approach the door before attacking, making him dangerous if not constantly monitored.

    4. Foxy (The Chanterelle):

    • Behavior: Distinctly different from the other animatronics. She remains in Pirate Cove (CAM1C) and makes sudden dashes towards the player's position.
    • Attack Zones: Left door, after a dash.
    • Tactics: Foxy's curtains gradually open in stages. Once fully open, Foxy sprints toward the player's office. Keeping an occasional eye on Foxy and closing the left door promptly when she sprints are key to keeping her at bay.

    5. Golden Freddy:

    • Behavior: A rare and mysterious animatronic that can appear at any time, with low chances.
    • Attack Zone: Directly in the player's office.
    • Tactics: When the poster in CAM2B changes to depict a faceless Freddy, Golden Freddy can appear in the player's office shortly after. To counteract him, the player must quickly pull up the camera monitor. Failure to do so will result in a unique and sudden jumpscare, ending the game.

    To successfully navigate the treacherous nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, players must develop a strategy that includes frequently checking the animatronics' positions, conserving power, and reacting quickly to the animatronics' movements. It's a tense balance of resource management and quick reflexes.

    Tips and tactics for the passage of the game FNAF

    Conquering the nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria requires a blend of patience, timing, and understanding each animatronic's behavior. Here are more advanced strategies for each night:

    1. Night One in FNAF:

      • Key Strategy: Conservation. You can remain idle initially without using the cameras much.
      • Keep an occasional check on Bonnie (hare) and only slightly on Chica (hen). Freddy and Foxy are generally inactive.
    2. Night Two in FNAF:

      • Key Strategy: Still a conservation-focused night but with slightly increased monitoring.
      • Keep an eye on Foxy's Pirate Cove curtain – if it starts to open, increase the frequency of checks to deter her from rushing you.
      • Chica becomes slightly more active, but Bonnie remains your primary concern.
    3. Night Three in FNAF:

      • Key Strategy: More proactive monitoring.
      • You need to check the cameras more often, especially Pirate Cove to deter Foxy's rush.
      • If Golden Freddy (rare occurrence) appears in the office, quickly pull up the camera to dispel him.
    4. Night Four in FNAF:

      • Key Strategy: Balanced energy use and increased vigilance.
      • All animatronics are active. Regularly checking Pirate Cove and Freddy's location becomes crucial.
      • Keeping Freddy at bay by observing him occasionally can prevent his sneaky attacks.
      • Be wary of Bonnie and Chica's quicker movements. Don't let doors stay shut for too long unless necessary.
    5. Night Five in FNAF:

      • Key Strategy: Aggressive monitoring and rapid reflexes.
      • Animatronics are highly aggressive. Keeping track of their movements is paramount.
      • Foxy might make multiple charges, so regularly check on Pirate Cove.
      • If you manage to witness Golden Freddy and dispel him, it can sometimes ease the night's difficulty slightly.
    6. Night Six in FNAF(Custom Night):

      • Key Strategy: Maximized efficiency and mastery of mechanics.
      • Every animatronic is at their peak aggression. Consistently switch between cameras, especially focusing on Pirate Cove and Freddy's movements.
      • Efficient use of doors and lights is crucial to save power. Close doors only when necessary and use hallway lights sparingly.
    7. Night Seven in FNAF(Custom Night, if available):

      • Key Strategy: Varies based on player-set difficulty.
      • This night allows players to adjust the AI difficulty of each animatronic, making it as easy or challenging as desired. Strategies will be based on which animatronics you prioritize.

    General Tips in FNAF:

    • Always listen for audio cues. Footsteps, distant laughter, or the dum-dum song can provide crucial hints about animatronic movements.
    • When you hear Foxy's song change or the curtain fully opens, be ready to close the left door immediately.
    • When power is about to run out, it's sometimes best to stop all activities and hope Freddy's song lasts until 6 AM.

    Remember, Five Nights at Freddy's is as much a game of strategy as it is of horror. Knowing when to act and when to wait can be the difference between survival and a jumpscare.