Bridal Shower Party for Moana

Bridal Shower Party for Moana

About game «Bridal Shower Party for Moana»

Every girl, of course, wants to marry a handsome young man, but first of all a beloved one, and every girl will definitely have such a moment in her life when that beloved and only one comes in her life. For example, such a moment has come in the life of a dark-skinned Disney princess, and tomorrow Moana's pre-wedding bridal shower party is to take place, where she and her friends will have fun and rest. The next day the wedding will take place, but in the meantime, we can get ready for the party. Let's start preparing for the party by choosing a style of clothing for our main character, that is, Moana. The princess has a large wardrobe and there are plenty items to choose from, but do not forget that the girl's girlfriends are next, which means that you will have to not forget about the three princesses who will lead Mona to the altar. Dress up every princess without forgetting the accessories no princess can do without.

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