Adam and Eve Go 3

Adam and Eve Go 3

About game «Adam and Eve Go 3»

We all know how hard it was to live in the old days, when even expressions of feelings were censored. But as the famous saying goes, love conquers all. And that's exactly what happened in the game Adam and Eve Go 3. Adam is just in love with Eve and is always ready to do everything to make his beloved happy. And today this guy invites you to join him to take part in an unforgettable and interesting journey. Adam has one goal: he wants to go this long way to get the most beautiful flowers for his Eve. He is not afraid of any difficulties, because on the way there will be dinosaurs, carnivores, traps and more. But our Adam confidently overcomes any barriers. The game consists of 15 levels, in each of which the ultimate goal is to get a rose and give it to Eve. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to play.

Watch how to play: