Zombie Hunters Arena

Zombie Hunters Arena

About game «Zombie Hunters Arena»

The special forces unit is constantly ready to perform various kinds of operations, and today they are again needed by their country. This time they will have to fight terrible creatures that were once human, but due to an unknown virus, they turned into zombies. You are required to become one of the soldiers of the Zombie Hunter squad and go to various sectors of a large factory. It was from there that the first mutated ones appeared, according to the sources of the detachment. Gamers from all over the world will fight with you, but do not worry if you come under fire from your own people, thanks to the developers, your weapon cannot harm a person. The factory is divided into sectors, and in each you will find real horror. For complete safety, the doors between the sectors were tightly closed by the security system and it is better not to open them. It will be possible to move between them using a special device that automatically creates a transition when certain results are achieved.

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