Penalty Challenge Multiplayer

Penalty Challenge Multiplayer

About game «Penalty Challenge Multiplayer»

Penalty Challenge Multiplayer is a very realistic virtual first person application that will make you truly feel like you are on the soccer match. You have to shoot a penalty kick to the enemy's goal. This is not so difficult to do. Before beginning the match, select a mode: you may compete against the AI or against another player. In this application, you can select which country you want to become a member of the team. The main task is to defeat the enemy and score more goals into the goal. It is important to know that you will also have to try to beat them off, because this must be done in turn. Both sides have five attempts in total. If by the end the number of goals and misses has become the same, then the champion will be the one who scores one more point first. It will take determination, courage and reaction to win. It is necessary to hit the ball and make it appear in the enemy goal.

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