Agent P: Rebel Spy

Agent P: Rebel Spy

About game «Agent P: Rebel Spy»

In this game we have combined two favorite things for you: a cartoon about Phineas and Ferb and the universe of Star Wars! The fact is that P has joined the ranks of Rebel Alliance agents and now he has a very responsible mission. Darthenshmirtz devised an evil plan to conquer the whole universe. But we will not let him do that. To prevent this, our little agent needs to break into Death Star and stop the villain. You have to go through a difficult path. Follow the long corridors to reach the goal, move the blocks and climb the walls. On your way there will be monsters that will try to prevent your penetration into Death Star. But you will have a weapon, so use it wisely to defeat all opponents in your path. The main goal is to get to the disk, which is a key element of the thief's deadly mechanism.

Watch how to play: