Stickdoll: God Of Archery

Stickdoll: God Of Archery

About game «Stickdoll: God Of Archery»

Stickdoll: God Of Archery is a multiplayer game that can be played in pairs or against the computer. The game consists of two stages. First, two players in a separate area collect ammunition and weapons in order to then participate in the game. And then, when everything is assembled, the wall between them is erased and they fight. The whole battle is that two players take turns shooting arrows at each other. You need to skillfully calculate the force with which you launch the arrow, because it is very important to hit the target. It is very difficult to do this, and often at first your arrow will not hit the target. But then you will intuitively learn to determine the force with which to shoot. It will be easy, but at the same time very interesting. In this game you will be able to improve your shooting skills and understand how to shoot a bow. Good luck!

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