Dig Out Miner Golf

Dig Out Miner Golf

About game «Dig Out Miner Golf»

We present to your attention another online sports game where you can test your golf skills. When we hear about golf, we immediately associate it with a well-groomed large green lawn, perfectly round holes and various obstacles that make the game even more interesting. But in our game Dig Out Miner Golf everything is completely different. At the beginning of the game you will see a layer of sand on the screen, in the middle of which will be placed a golf ball. And inside it there will be hidden a metal pipe, to which you want to put this ball. Accordingly, your task will be to dig a tunnel so that the ball can easily get to its destination. There are many levels in this game, the difficulty of which is gradually increasing. At each subsequent level, there will be all the new obstacles that you need to consider when digging a tunnel.

Watch how to play: