Cross That Road

Cross That Road

About game «Cross That Road»

Cross That Road is a Crossy Road-like game in which we will need to avoid all barriers and advance farther and farther with our character in order to set our personal best. It seems simple when we talk about it, but once you get down to business, you will understand the true nature of this game. Get prepared to crash into cars, trains and many other barriers. Walk from one side to another and don't let the limit touch you, otherwise the game will be over. Share Cross That Road with your buddies and challenge them to overcome your score. Believe us, this game is way more funnier than it seems at first! It is very addicting and it simply grasps your attention. You will play it for hours and this is the most funniest way to spend your free time. By the way, with it you can improve various skills, such as speed of reaction and others. Have fun!

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