Princess Salon Frozen Party

Princess Salon Frozen Party

About game «Princess Salon Frozen Party»

Princess Anna has loved to hold parties and gather guests since childhood, and by the way, having matured, this hobby only intensified. This, by the way, is not surprising, because Anna always had many friends and they all loved to spend time together, so why not have fun, play and dance at this time. And they often hold beauty contests and costume parties, and by the way, today a winter beauty contest will take place in Anna's castle, where all the her friends and Anna herself will appear in their most beautiful winter dresses. Do you think it will be possible to create a winter "cold" style for Anna? Where to start and what outfits with cosmetics to choose so that our princess takes first place in the beauty contest? Probably best is to start with make-up, and after that start choosing a dress and accessories. Have fun!

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