Free Online Games

Desura offers you a unique platform where everyone can play their favorite online games. Do you have some free time that you want to spend cheerfully, taking a break from work, school or household chores? Or maybe you need to take the kids for an hour or so to work at home or do other things? In this case, can help free online games on Desura, which do not require a powerful computer installation drive and time to install. You can play right in your browser, going to our website and choosing your favorite toy. Online games are a great way to relax and have fun yourself or with friends.

The main kinds of online games on Desura

What are your favorite game sites to spend time on? Friv, Crazy Games, Kizi or maybe Poki? We've created a unique online platform for you where you can play all of these games in one place. Basically, our free online games, are simple flash platformers, arcades, walkthroughs and quests, which means that every user can find something to his liking. Graphics toys simplified, for example, you can play soccer heads - on the field of favorite soccer idols who perform all the kicks and passes, without complicated animation. Free online games can be divided into the following categories:

  • Games for two - fighting games, sports competitions, which can be played with one keyboard or over the network;
  • Games for boys - all kinds of rovers and arcade games with superheroes in the lead roles;
  • Games for girls - cute animated toys, when you need to dress up your character, various dance arcades and more.

Toys are created with the main interests of the target audience and are made in such a way as to capture the attention from the first minutes. Most of all these toys are designed for children, have colorful and vivid animation, easy enough to pass.

The advantages of free online games

The main advantage of our free online games in their availability. You can play from home or office, from a tablet walking in the park or from a laptop sitting in a cafe or standing in traffic. As a rule, in order to start playing you do not even need to register on the site, not to mention the authorized accounts on the game servers and other difficulties that arise with advanced MMORPG and other games. Also, these toys have the following advantages:

  • You can play for free, without paying for the game or game access;
  • Cost-effective traffic consumption does not require a high-speed connection;
  • You can play with a personal computer, tablet, laptop and even phone;
  • Can run on a computer with minimal system requirements;
  • You can play through any Internet browser;
  • You can play by yourself or in company with a friend.

So, if you want to relax and enjoy a fun game - free online games - this is your option.

If previously online games differed in the inexpressive interface and sparing graphics, but now the developers have more than compensated for the lack. Spectacular and attractive, they help a good and enjoyable to spend time. Graphic execution and plot of many of them deserve all the praise.

On our site you'll find both timeless classics and popular games, and new releases, which are constantly being released. Arcade, racing, shooting, roving, strategy, games for kids - the range that provides html5 games, just huge. Anyone can find something to their liking.

Desura history

Desura was founded in 2010 by DesuraNET and later purchased by Linden Lab after Bad Juju Games went into liquidation in June 2015. Desura was then taken over by OnePlay, a virtual subscription service from Denmark, in 2016 with the aim of giving it a new lease on life, but this did not happen due to OnePlay's bankruptcy. Desura changed hands again in 2020, and the idea was given fresh life, this time in the shape of one of the most popular gaming platforms.