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The highly competitive online gaming niche has always been independent and developed rapidly only thanks to fair competition in this market. That was until May 2020, when the coronavirus crisis hit website developers with the heavy hand of Google. It was on May 4, 2020 that fair competition left the browser-based mini online games market when Google's web search was updated with "May 2020 Core Update". Apparently, this update affected many niches, but it hit online games especially hard, since after it, for any thematic keyword related to online games, up to 80% of search results are related to Irrelevant answers, and the overwhelming number of online gaming sites, which have been on the market for even more than 10 years, have completely lost their traffic.

TOP Google results for today in the niche of online games:

  1. Cool Math Games: The pioneers of these games came into being more than two decades ago – in 1997. Nowadays this is a wide range of online game websites, owned by LLC.
  2. Friv Games: the most common Google search query in the online gaming industry is Friv. While the brand's platform has an unremarkable design and not really big range of games, it only features the best choices from its evolving collection.
  3. Addicting Games: this brand was created in 2006 by Atom Entertainment, founded in 2001 as an internet entertainment company.
  4. Crazy Games: this website was designed in 2013 and now belongs to Belgian firm Maxflow BV.
  5. Poki: the Poki platfrom came into being in 2014 and has up to 30 million users every month. The firm is headquartered in Amsterdam.
  6. Miniclip: this is a Swiss game development company with 17 years of experience and a widespread brand.
  7. Epic Games: it is a large virtual games firm headquartered in the USA. The developers designed the game engine Unreal Engine, and the brand is also famous for its Gears of War and Unreal Tournament series.
  8. Kizi: designer of its own popular virtual games.
  9. Y8: one of the largest online gaming websites, created in 2006.

Online games on Desura

Which of the above virtual gaming platforms are your favorite? Cool Math Games, Poki, Kizi or Friv? Maybe some else we do not know about? Thereafter, you do not need to pick over between all these popular brands, because now you can only use Desura. We have developed a user-friendly website for online free games, which brings together all categories and trends in the virtual gaming industry. All of this is developed just for you to see all your best games on one website, on your favorite Desura! is the most sought after free mini-game site on the Internet today. Here you will be able to enjoy more than 25,000 interactive online games that you can play right now without complicated registrations and authorizations, having only access to the Internet.

How to play online games on Desura?

Find the game you like most using the site search or browse our super popular online games categories, then tap the Play button to start playing and enjoy! That is so easy, isn’t it?

To see the title of a video game, hover your mouse over its picture and its name will become visible in front of you on the screen. While this will depend on your network connection, Desura loads pages very fast, so you do not have to wait very long. Moreover, there are almost no ads in the applications, and some online games can be played in full screen display mode.

When the game has been loaded, there will be video below with tips on how to manage and pass the game up to the end. Use the BACK key to go back to the previous page from where you got into this game or click on the LOGO at the top of the page to go back to the main page of the platfrom.

Desura history

Desura was launched by DesuraNET in 2010, and then bought by Linden Lab, after what being acquired by Bad Juju Games, which collapsed in June 2015. In October 2016, Desura was acquired by Danish online subscription rental company OnePlay with the intention of relaunching Desura. In 2020, the project was bought at an auction by the Finnish company Behemouse and transferred to the specifically created British company Desura.