Trollface Quest Video Memes and TV Shows

Trollface Quest Video Memes and TV Shows

About game «Trollface Quest Video Memes and TV Shows»

The trolling kings are back! This time, the famous video memes and television series were targeted by the trollfaces. They enjoyed making fun of popular shows and funny memes, and you and I have to figure it out. In the game Trollface Quest Video Memes and TV Shows you will find a collection of mini quests and a lot of fun. In total, the game has seventy-six levels and one extra level. To open it, you need to overcome the parade of madness that takes place in all levels of the game. Trollfaces love crazy jokes, and madness surrounds them always and everywhere. It's time to laugh with them! Test your logic skills, but remember that logic is beyond the control of these madmen. That is why you can test your nerves on the fortress, trying to pass the next level. These eccentrics know how to twist even the most banal plot and turn it into the craziest joke. For example, you can go to a fox disco or a national performers show, as well as laugh at Justin Bieber's song with a goat in the backing vocals. Sensitive situations await you everywhere. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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