Real Gangster Simulator Grand City

Real Gangster Simulator Grand City

About game «Real Gangster Simulator Grand City»

In each big city, there are street bands that control the whole city districts. In the game Real Gangster Simulator Grand City you will be a part of one of them. Your hero will start his villain path from the bottom up. He will have to perform different types of tasks that will be given to him by the heads of the villain group. Your character will steal vehicles and ride them to specific garages. You will also take part in bank robberies and jewelry workshops. During all these events, you need to confront the police and enter into battle with them. In this game you will perform various activities, starting from driving a car and going to killing your opponent. Therefore, you must be really trained and develop multiple skills. If you play this game a lot, then you can be sure that you will succeed in all the other game of similar genres.

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