Stickman Police VS Gangsters Street Fight

Stickman Police VS Gangsters Street Fight

About game «Stickman Police VS Gangsters Street Fight»

In the game Stickman Police VS Gangsters Street Fight you will have a very responsible mission. You will join the stickman police and go on street patrol with him. This is extremely important, because lately we have only heard about another accident that happened through the fault of gangsters. It seems as if they own this city. But it can't go on like this anymore. We need to eradicate this evil and make good and justice reign in our city again. Use the different tricks you see in front of you on the screen. Your enemies are full of strength and energy, so you will need to try very hard before you can knock them to the ground. And even if you knocked them out, do not rush to rejoice. They can get up at any time and continue to fight with you. So be very careful and bold! Have much fun, dear friends!

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