Frozen - Double Trouble

Frozen - Double Trouble

About game «Frozen - Double Trouble»

Help Christoph collect ice cubes for the kingdom of Arendelle in the online game Frozen - Double Trouble. The game is a logic genre that consists of two stages. On the first, you have to cut out the figures presented on the playing field, which are presented in the upper part of the panel. All of them are of different geometric shapes and partly resemble Tetris. So, on the playing field, not only purely ice cubes are presented, but also cubes, inside of which various attributes are stored - shoes, a sun sign and much more. Ideally, you want to cut out the cubes you want, using cubes with painted objects. You get separate points for them. You have a limited amount of time to cut out all the geometric shapes. After the figures are cut, you can proceed to the next stage. Here you have to put the cut-out figures into the back of your vehicle. But you need to arrange them so as to fill this playing field with cubes completely.

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