Pregnant Kardashians

Pregnant Kardashians

About game «Pregnant Kardashians»

All the Kardashian sisters got pregnant at the same time in the Pregnant Kardashians game and it's very exciting. After all, they are also the best friends, they are constantly together. Despite the rounded bellies, they want to look just perfect and wear only the most modern outfits, following the latest fashion trends. Therefore, they need a personal stylist-consultant in this matter. Maybe you can join them in this fun girly game - you have to help Kim, Kylie, Kourtney and Kendall put on the most modern outfits to make a splash on the upcoming walk. The girls themselves will not cope, since they are busy with their health - childbirth is about to happen, and you also need to carefully prepare for this. Do not leave the girls in difficult times. Consult them on fashion matters and help choose the best clothes. Have fun!

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