Flappy Pokémon Dunk

Flappy Pokémon Dunk

About game «Flappy Pokémon Dunk»

If you meet at least one of the following three criteria, then this game is perfect for you: 1) you are crazy about the game of Flappy Bird and the like; 2) you adore Pokemon and everything connected with them; 3) you know neither the first nor the second, but want to have fun. In general, according to the third criterion, this game is sure to please everyone! Players of all ages and genders will definitely find a lot of interesting things there. You probably already understand the mechanics of this game: you need to control the Pokemon while it is flying, and click on the screen so that it does not fall to the ground and fly higher. But don't overdo it, because you can't let a Pokemon cross the top of the screen. Rings will also be located on the way. Your task is to guide the Pokemon through the middle of these rings. If you miss at least one, you lose.

Watch how to play: