Superman Nuclear Rescue

Superman Nuclear Rescue

About game «Superman Nuclear Rescue»

The Justice League is back! While the Avengers are fighting with another monsters, the Justice League entered into a fight with Brainiac. This indestructible alien is constantly in conflict with Superman. He is haunted by peace and justice on Earth, and the enemy is constantly trying to disrupt harmony and destroy the planet. This time, Brainiac conceived a new atrocity. Along with his robots, the angry creature has created a nefarious plan. His servants will break the nuclear reactor, and the city will melt. Once his evil plan was discovered, all the heroes of the squad went to the reactor. At this moment time has gone not by hours, but by seconds. In the game Superman Nuclear Rescue, you may lead six of the most well-known comic book heroes. There are only four levels in the game, but in order to pass them you will have to demonstrate a sharp mind, agility and ingenuity.

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