Princess Cupcake

Princess Cupcake

About game «Princess Cupcake»

Looking at our beautiful princesses one might think that they only do that they go to fashion stores and scrolling social networks, but our princesses can do a lot. For example, today they applied to participate in a popular culinary show where you have to cook a delicious cupcake, that is one cupcake per participant. Elsa, Anna and Moana could not miss such an event and gathering together they came up with what kind of cupcakes they would have. While preparing the cupcakes, the girls completely forgot that they needed to appear in public in a manner befitting a royal position, therefore, they must quickly run to the wardrobe and pick up clothes. Unfortunately, the girls have no time at all, and their heads are busy with cupcakes and a future competition, which means we will be responsible for their appearance, and for this we will again go to the royal clothing store, where we will have to pick up clothes befitting princesses.

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