Torture the Trollface

Torture the Trollface

About the game Torture the Trollface

Experience the thrill of Torture the Trollface, a casual browser-based online game that you can play on any device. This game is a perfect outlet for those who have had their fair share of virtual trolls spoiling their online experience. Torture the Trollface lets you take out your frustrations on a character that represents all trolls. With your mouse as your weapon, you can begin your mission. The game presents you with a troll that you can torture with a variety of tools, starting with a simple fist. As you beat the troll, knocking out its teeth and leaving it with bruises and scrapes, you will collect coins that will rain down. These coins are crucial as they allow you to purchase special torture tools such as knives, shotguns, machine guns, bombs, spikes, traps and more in Torture the Trollface.

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What are the benefits of playing Torture the Trollface

Playing Torture the Trollface offers several benefits. It provides a fun and engaging way to relieve stress and vent frustration. The game also helps improve your hand-eye coordination as you aim to hit the troll and collect the raining coins. It also provides a sense of satisfaction as you progress through the game and unlock more advanced torture tools. Finally, Torture the Trollface is a free game that you can play on any device, making it accessible and convenient for everyone.