About Troll Games

Welcome to the eccentric realm of Troll Games, an online gaming genre that has taken the Internet by storm. First introduced to the Internet in 2008, Troll Games revolve around the troll face, a ubiquitous Internet meme that symbolizes deception and jest. In addition to humor, these games are often infused with emotions such as schadenfreude, loneliness, and fear. However, despite the seemingly whimsical nature of these games, they carry a much deeper meaning, representative of the Internet's unique brand of humor and culture.

The term "trolling" generally refers to a form of online behavior characterized by deliberately annoying or provoking others, often under the guise of humor. Following this theme, Troll Games have become a fascinating part of the online gaming world with their unique gameplay that combines trolling, irony and outrageous outcomes in varying degrees, attracting gamers of all ages worldwide.

What types of troll games are there?

Over the years, troll games have evolved from a humble internet meme to a full-fledged gaming genre, ranging from fantasy quests to superhero adventures. The games revolve around the titular character, Trollface, who performs a variety of actions that are usually unpredictable and filled with humorous absurdities.

One of the most notable games in this genre is "Trollface Quest," a game that tests your logic and tickles your funny bone with its unexpected challenges and outcomes. Other popular games of this genre are "Trollface: Fairy Tale," which takes you on a fantastical journey filled with trolls, and "Super Loser," in which Trollface turns into a surprising hero.

The beauty of Troll Games lies not only in its hilarious gameplay, but also in its contribution to Internet meme culture, with games like "Meme Generator" allowing players to create and share their own memes.

What you can learn in Troll Games

Aside from endless fun, playing troll games can improve your problem-solving skills, as these games often involve solving complicated puzzles based on bizarre logic. Not to mention, you will also learn about the various facets of Internet culture, as the games rely heavily on Internet humor and memes.

Best Online Troll Games

Here are five popular troll games you need to add to your gaming bucket list:

  • 1. "Trollface Quest": A quirky game full of challenging puzzles and plenty of unexpected moments.
  • 2. "Trollface: Fairy Tale": Immerse yourself in a magical world of trolls in this enchanting game.
  • 3. "Super Loser": Play as a superhero troll and experience a journey filled with hilarious instances.
  • 4. "Toilet Success": A classic aim-and-shoot game featuring the quintessential troll face.
  • 5. "Meme Generator": Express your creativity by creating and sharing your own memes in this interactive game.


In conclusion, Troll Games offers a unique online gaming experience with its unique blend of humor, irony and unpredictable outcomes. So whether you are looking for a hearty laugh or a challenging puzzle to solve, dive into the world of Troll Games and explore the nuances of Internet humor and culture.