Cheese Swipe

Cheese Swipe

About game «Cheese Swipe»

Tom and Jerry have finally ended their feud. They not only became friends, but became real friends. Now the heroes spend most of their time together, having fun and enjoying life. However, the food situation has become a little more complicated. Jerry feeds exclusively on cheese, and it has become incredibly difficult to get it. Moreover, the places where the cheese is stored have become like scary labyrinths with many dangerous traps. Friends on their own will not be able to get to the cherished delicacy, so they need your help. You will help Tom shoot a cannon at Jerry. Do not be alarmed, this will not ruin their relationship in any way. Jerry will be in a special device that will allow you to get to the cheese without damage, but you need a push to start. This impetus will be the cannonball, which you must direct in the right direction. Use a computer mouse to control.

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