About Distance Games

Distance games can be defined as a fascinating genre of games in which the goal is to overcome a certain or infinite distance. These online games could involve either horizontal distance - running forward - or vertical distance - jumping up. The concept stems from a basic human understanding of spatial parameters and distance.

The creation of this game genre stems from the innovation of video game pioneers who sought to replicate certain aspects of life in virtual scenarios. The first examples of distance games appeared in the late 1970s with titles such as 'Oregon Trail' and 'Death Race'. Interestingly, these games are enjoyed by players across demographics such as age, gender, and profession, highlighting their universal appeal.

What types of distance games are there?

Given the versatility of the concept of distance, there are several sub-genres within the realm of distance games. These can range from sports-based platforms where athletes attempt to cover certain distances, to military-themed versions that focus on troop movements during marches. In addition, distance can also play a significant role in certain social simulations, where interpersonal space can influence character interactions.

Distance game developers have poured their creativity into the genre, producing a variety of different options for players to explore. Some games involve vehicles such as cars, where the player must traverse challenging distances on different routes. Others may involve athletic or winter sports, where players must overcome numerous obstacles at a distance. There are also throwing games where the player must throw an object or piece of equipment a certain distance.

What you can learn in ranged games

Distance games offer a unique educational value to players. In addition to the entertainment they provide, these games can help improve hand-eye coordination and reaction speed due to their gameplay dynamics. In addition, they can also improve strategic thinking, as players must plan and adjust their movements according to the game scenario.

Best Online Shooting Games

  • Robot Unicorn Attack: An iconic distance game where players control a robot unicorn to jump over gaps and obstacles.
  • Getaway Shootout: A racing game with an added element of combat, providing players with an exciting challenge.
  • Happy Wheels: A game about navigating different distances with different characters, featuring unique controls and physics.
  • QWOP: A hurdle racing game that tests the player's coordination and endurance.
  • Learn to Fly 2: Here a penguin uses a makeshift glider to fly, providing a fun experience.


Distance games offer a wide variety of fun and challenges for players. Through their varied iterations and unique gameplay mechanics, they provide a platform for virtual exploration while stimulating strategic thinking. Whether it's launching an object a certain distance or racing to be the first to reach an endpoint, there's no denying the appeal that distance games have in the gaming market.