Canoe Sprint

Canoe Sprint

About game «Canoe Sprint»

Do you want to get some some real explosion of feelings and extreme adventures? You can get it all in an amazingly interesting game that offers you to transform into a powerful sportsman who will lead a canoe and do everything he can to get the crew to reach the finish line first. Other gamers will also participate in the contest across the sea. Your mission is to overtake every one of them and touch the finish line first. Move your mouse to guide your transport, which will have rowers, so that you can get new crew members just swimming in the sea. This will increase the speed at which the boat moves through the water and will increase the chances of winning. You can track your position among all other participants in the game in the upper left part of the playing field. You should also be prepared for the fact that on the way to the finish you will come across various kinds of obstacles, collisions with which will lead to the immediate crash of the canoe and loss.

Watch how to play: