Classical Hippo Hunting

Classical Hippo Hunting

About game «Classical Hippo Hunting»

What kind of game we just didn’t hunt, it’s easier to list the animals that we haven’t hunted yet, but today you have a unique opportunity to start hunting a real hippopotamus. There were even times when we went back in time to hunt dinosaurs. The creators of this three-dimensional simulator have tried their best and are waiting for you to start the game. First, I would like to start with the fact that these hippos are not quite common, so animal defenders need not worry, this type of hippopotamus, as it turned out, is sick with an unknown infectious disease that can be transmitted to other animals, which can cause them to die. In order to avoid such losses, you also need to go on this hunt. We want to warn you right away that these animals are quite violent and at the slightest danger can instantly become aggressive and attack, so it is more rational to find cover and shoot from there with a sniper rifle.

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