No Problamas

No Problamas

About the game No Problamas

Do you have the impression that agility can only be trained in outdoor sports games? Think again! With the new category of flash games known as "skill games" you can test your skills and luck right from your computer. Success in these games requires intense concentration and speed. Do you think you have no problems with attention or reaction time? Then it's time to put your skills to the test with a fun game called No Problamas. It may seem easy at first, but once you start playing, you'll find it's more challenging than it looks. The game is full of lamas that, when hit, will reward you with candy and points! But beware of the angry wolf trying to ruin the party; hitting him will end the game.

No Problamas features two types of characters: wolves and camels. They appear from the bottom of the screen. Your goal is to catch the camels while avoiding the wolves. Left-click on the flying camel to score points. The main challenge of the game is the close proximity of the wolves and the camels. If you hit the wolf, the game ends.

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What are the advantages of playing No Problamas

Playing No Problamas not only provides entertainment, but also helps to improve your concentration and reaction time. The unique and fun concept of the game keeps players engaged while the challenge of avoiding the wolves and catching the camels keeps them on their toes. No Problamas is a great way to relax while exercising your brain and improving your skills.