Tricky Tap

Tricky Tap

About the game Tricky Tap

Tricky Tap is an online game that offers an addictive and challenging gameplay experience. The game presents you with a series of clocks on your screen, each with a ticking hand. Your task is to time your shots perfectly when the black clock points to the white clock next to it. As you progress, the number of clocks increases, adding to the challenge. The game ends when there is only one clock left on the board.

The main object in Tricky Tap is the clock. You'll find four clocks on the playing field: three white clocks and one black clock. Your goal is to tap the white clocks using the rotating arrow in the black clock. After each shot, the clocks change in size and number, making the game more challenging. The game also has a time limit for each round, so you need to be quick, accurate and timely. The game is controlled with the mouse, and missing a shot means losing the game. Rewards in the form of stars and points are up for grabs.

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What are the advantages of playing Tricky Tap

Playing Tricky Tap offers several advantages. It's not only a game of fun and entertainment, but also a game that tests and improves your timing and precision skills. The increasing difficulty as the game progresses ensures that you are constantly challenged, keeping the game exciting and engaging. The reward system in Tricky Tap also adds an element of competition, motivating you to improve your skills and beat your own high scores. So whether you're looking for a casual game to pass the time or a game to challenge your skills, Tricky Tap is a great choice.