Super Ball Blast

Super Ball Blast

About game «Super Ball Blast»

Oh, you are just in time! It turns out that we recently had a chance to watch the game of one player, who on his mobile device played something funny, very similar to Arkanoid, that is, a logic toy in which it was necessary to destroy the emerging wall of bricks of different colors. Can you tell me what's unusual about it? The point is that in a simple arkanoid we control a racket and one ball, but in this game there is not one ball - there are many of them and each next one flies in the direction indicated to the first. We have been looking for something similar for a long time, but without knowing the name it is actually very difficult to do it, and now we got a game with the name - Super Ball Blast. Our joy knew no bounds. You, of course, may not like this fun, but everyone shouldn't like it, as they say to each own, so if you are of our opinion - you are welcome!

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