Airport Clash 3D

Airport Clash 3D

About game «Airport Clash 3D»

Introducing Airport Clash 3D, a shooter that you can play online! Two gangs compete for ownership of this strategically important, albeit abandoned facility: the men from the Bloodhound and the women from the Viper gang. In this game you can become the leader of the male raiders! Unleash your rage and rely on the might of a heavy military minigun to strike at these female thugs. To deal with them once and for all, destroy their base with a huge bomb! The game controls are simple: move with the WASD keys, spacebar - jump, C - squat. In addition, with the right mouse button you can change the scale, and the Tab key will allow you to view the score table. Good luck - let the power be on your side! Rememmber that you can play Airport Clash 3D on various types of gadgets and devices for completely free.

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