Mao Mao: Jelly of the Beast

Mao Mao: Jelly of the Beast

About game «Mao Mao: Jelly of the Beast»

Mao Mao: Jelly of the Beast is the hero of a new cartoon who constantly thought that it was time for him to do serious business, for example, saving the planet or city, village or small settlement, in general, the guy had to prove to himself and the others that he was a real hero. But according to the tradition of the genre, by his negligence, he destroys everything that protects the inhabitants and now he has to prove in practice to everyone that he can overcome and stop evil. The poorest cat will most likely not be able to cope, but we will help him! The first monster that appeared after the mistaken destruction of the city's defenses was a huge bubble consisting of jelly, it is painted in lilac color and its main feature and danger was that it could absorb any inhabitant. You can play this game on any device.

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