Bike Rush

Bike Rush

About game «Bike Rush»

Bike Rush is a 3D endless road movement that you ride with your bike. On the way to meet a large number of various obstacles, you have to dodge them. For example, it is undesirable to collide with buses, trams, fences and other objects that interfere with the progress. The game is very funny, you won't get bored with it, so join us and have fun going through it. At the beginning, you are given a choice between two characters (boy and girl) and two bicycles. The controls are pretty simple, you won't have to deal with the key assignments for a long time. So, using the arrows to the right and left, direct the selected character in the right direction. The up arrow is responsible for jumping, and thanks to the down arrow, you can slide under objects. You can play this game on various types of devices.

Watch how to play: