Stickman Prison Escape

Stickman Prison Escape

About game «Stickman Prison Escape»

Stickman Prison Escape is a fun online game of a logical and even one might say intuitive nature in which you need to help Stickman escape from prison. Our dexterous character was not dexterous enough and fell into the hands of justice. Now he is behind bars, but does not lose heart, because he knows for sure that his friends will help him. At the beginning of the game, you can already see how he receives a package from a friend in the form of a cake. But we know that instead of filling something completely different is hidden there. Namely, a master key, a drill, a telephone, a teleport and other items. Now your task is to choose one thing from this list, and the further outcome of events depends on your choice. You need to quickly decide which option will work. If you do everything right, the adventure will continue and Stickman will move on to the next stage, where he again has to make a choice. If you don't have time to choose at least one of the options, the hero is doomed to failure.

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