Cute Zoo

Cute Zoo

About game «Cute Zoo»

Today you have the opportunity to meet very cute animals at the Zoo! Have you ever visited the Zoo? If so, then you are already familiar with such cute animals as a tiger cub, a baby elephant and cute penguins. Here you are welcomed by the game Cute Zoo, where your goal will be to care for these cute animals in the zoo. In the game you will see the princess Moana, who takes care of tigers, elephants, penguins every day. Could you help her take care of these animals this time? After all, Moana looks so tired that she simply has no strength! Let's help her? And so, every animal in the zoo will demand something from you, and you need to fulfill it. Some of them need feeding, combing or healing. They may even just want to play a little. In case you didn't know, elephants love to play ball, and penguins love to swim and dive.

Watch how to play: