Baby Hazel Harvest Festival

Baby Hazel Harvest Festival

About game «Baby Hazel Harvest Festival»

Every year, in the small town where our baby Hazel lives, they hold a fun holiday, which attracts not only the residents of the town, but even guests from neighboring settlements. On this day, people have fun and walk, show off the harvested harvest, especially the largest vegetables and fruits, dress up stuffed animals and, of course, prepare sweets for the holiday. And what we see - Baby Hazel: The Harvest Festival is also celebrating, and invites all the guys who want to have fun at their holiday. As we have already said, many people gathered for the holiday, and there are many not only those who are having fun and walking, but also those who organize the holiday and conduct various competitions. Our heroine set the task of approaching each pavilion and taking part in the competition being held, for example, you can go to the table where they create the main symbol of the harvest festival - a farmer with a body made of straw and a head made of pumpkin.

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