Parking Space

Parking Space

About game «Parking Space»

Each decent hotel always offers a full range of services, which include free parking in the area closest to the hotel. Cars are parked by specially trained people, who are called valets. But before accepting a new specialist for a vacant position, he must undergo an internship with a mentor. So today we will have to visit the student's place and, under the watchful eye of a mentor, try not to fail several tasks in the Parking Space game. It depends on your results whether the hero will work in the hotel and his future fate. The task set for the new employee is not particularly difficult, but it seems to you, in fact, he is very worried, and only you can help him calm down and pass the exam. What is the exam? Of course, in the performance of the direct duties of a car valet, that is, you get behind the wheel of one of the clients' car and, according to a special program, study how to get to an empty seat.

Watch how to play: