Kitty Doctor

Kitty Doctor

About game «Kitty Doctor»

Kitty Doctor is a game in which you will feel like the best kitten doctor ever. Today you have a very interesting and exciting job. You will work as a doctor in a hospital where you will treat the cutest cats. Help our little furry friends to heal as soon as possible. Try to make them healthy and happy again. Do your best to heal sick kittens and bring them back to health. At the very beginning of the game, there will be minor illnesses that will be very easy for you to cope with. For example, fever is a disease in which you need to measure the temperature of a kitten, give the patient medicine and drip drops into the nose. Then, your patients will have toothache and stomach pain, which are already serious health complaints. Therefore, you need to have surgery. For everything to work out, you need to follow the prompts and do all the procedures in turn, slowly. Have fun!

Watch how to play: