Traffic Run 2

Traffic Run 2

About game «Traffic Run 2»

Do you think you know everything about cars and driving on the highway in busy traffic? You are greatly mistaken, and if you do not agree with this, then you are welcome to a new children's simulator - Traffic Run 2 in which everyone can really check how familiar they are with the rules of the road how much they know how to drive a car. The essence of the game is to travel from one point to another, and it seemed that this could be difficult, but as soon as you go into the stream of cars it becomes very difficult not to get into an emergency situation and not become a participant in it. The fact is that you will always leave the secondary road, giving the right to drive the first to cars going along the main road, because you know where the main road is and where the secondary road is. Now about the controls, it is so simple that it seems you are playing a clicker and not a race.

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