Real Chess

Real Chess

About game «Real Chess»

Imrpove your logic playing this most fantastic chess play! You may choose matches for 2 players or play with the AI. You may choose 1 out of 4 various levels of difficulty against the artificial intelligence. Level 1 (green) is the simplest and level 4 (red) is the most difficult. The application can be launched at 8x8 or 6x6. There are also 3D and 2D modes to look at. If you are a beginner in this sports, then choose the simplest level and develop your skills. Increase your tactics level until you are equal in this educational game. Calculate beforehand each move, not only your own, but also your opponent's, build a good strategy and set the best defense for your king. Use pawns to trap your opponent's king and check and checkmate him before he does it for you. We wish you good luck and the best experience. You can play this game on various devices for free.

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