Snail Bob

Snail Bob

About game «Snail Bob»

Today we have brought to your attention a very cool game where you can take part in adventures in a place with Snail Bob. It is here that you will learn the whole story about a cute and unusual character named Snail Bob. If suddenly Bob is overtaken by problems, he does not pay attention to them, and slowly creeps forward. One fine day, the life of Snail Bob has changed a lot, because they want to destroy his home in which Bob has lived since childhood. In the evening when Snail Bob came home, he realized that his home was destroyed, and he had no place to stay. At that point starts the story of Snail Bob looking for a new house. In the application, your mission will be to help Bob, and pass all obstacles on his way. The game will have various stages that you will have to pass so that Snail Bob can find a new house for himself, where he will live a new life.

Watch how to play: