Pixel Battlegrounds iO

Pixel Battlegrounds iO

About game «Pixel Battlegrounds iO»

Welcome to the new Pixel Battlegrounds iO game! Create a room, select a map and invite other players to play teamfight or skirmish. Destroy all enemies and level up to unlock other powerful weapons. It will be a chaotic, but definitely cool fight! Play now and have fun in this multiplayer first person shooter! Are you brilliant with weapons? Burnt out warrior in multiplayer battles? Then it's time to show off your skills in the arena of pixel battles in Minecraft in this free online game. The Minecraft dimension is trying to capture an army of mercenaries. The "SVAT" detachment is trying to restrain them. Join one of the sides in the shooting game and help your team win this war. Use "WASD" to move the Minecraft soldier. Shoot with your mouse. To change weapons in the shooting game, press "1,2". Jump with Space. Press Shift to run the game. "T" - chat. Try to eliminate more enemies.

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