Chibi Fighter Dress Up Game

Chibi Fighter Dress Up Game

About game «Chibi Fighter Dress Up Game»

Every girl loves to dress up games and understand. This is a cute game that you enjoy playing in your free time. Feel free to start the game, dress up and charge the girls entering the ring to win. You can give them makeup, change the shape of their eyes and eyebrows, haircut and even skin color. The wardrobe is represented by various suits, shoes, gloves and other accessories. When your heroine is ready, do not forget to take a photo of her to save your best work in the collection. Be sure to arrange a competition for the most unusual or striking model of the ring among your friends. The game is very simple, the purpose of which is to create a new image. You will have a great opportunity to pump your imagination and creativity. Even the smallest user who has learned to press the mouse buttons can play it.

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