Slope Y8

Slope Y8

About game «Slope Y8»

Slope Y8 is a game that has no end and you can play it all day. In front of you, you will see a ball that will roll along its path. But everything is not as simple as it seems, because on its way there will be a lot of obstacles. If you can not overcome at least one of them, the game will have to start from the beginning. That is why you will need to watch the game very closely and react in time to any difficulties. At first, it will not be easy, and then you will gain experience and be able to break your own records every time! We invite to play this game everyone who likes to not only have fun but also to pump their skills in their free time. It is very easy to play the Slope Y8 because you only need to use two keys. These are rights and left buttons. Even though, sometimes even with that simple mechanics, it will be hard to overcome some of the barriers. We wish you luck!

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