Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops

Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops

About game «Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops»

The Star Wars saga was launched in the early seventies under the auspices of the American director George Lucas. At that time, it was a fantastic project that remains popular to this day. Meet the crew of the Ghost ship again in Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops. These are the last Jedi the Empire is hunting. Everyone will carry out their mission, but you need to choose one character among the six presented. Hera is the pilot of the ship, Ezra is the young Jedi, Sabin is the explosives expert, Kanan is the captain of the ship, Lasat Zeb is the strong man and the giant, and the ever-grumbling Astrodroid Chopper. The hero you have chosen must get to the point where the ship is waiting for him. The Imperial soldiers will try to prevent this. Use lightsabers and Jedi special skills by pressing the X key.

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