Car Stunt Driver

Car Stunt Driver

About game «Car Stunt Driver»

Have you seen yourself for a long time as not just a driver, but that person who is not afraid to risk his life while driving a car? If you want to raise the adrenaline level to the limit, we recommend that you play the online game Car Stunt Driver, where you initially need to do different tricks on the way to the finish line. The scary thing is that there is one void outside the track, that is, if you make a mistake, you will almost instantly lose. Well, aren't you scared yet? Then forward to new tests! At first, there is not much choice, because only one sports car is available, but you have to go through all ten stages, and on this difficult path you will have the opportunity to earn extra gold coins in order to use them to buy another car. The sports cars are very cool here, and the graphics are such that you will envy the realism. Make sure that you have all seven cars in your garage, and you can ride them at any time. Good luck!

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