Among Stacky Runner

Among Stacky Runner

About game «Among Stacky Runner»

Astronauts from Among As love to have fun in between preventing sabotages and identifying impostors. You can take part in one of their favourite pastimes. Help the impostor to overcome the obstacle course and reach the finish line. As soon as the game starts, the astronaut will automatically run along the track. Behind him you will see a backpack in which special platforms will accumulate. They will be scattered on some parts of the route and you should use the mouse to direct the astronaut so that he collects them. These platforms will be useful for him to overcome the dangers. Once next to any of them, press and hold the left mouse button to build a bridge from the platforms. Try to use your resources wisely, because they are unlimited. And if you use too much of them, you may lose the game or receive too many point at the end of the level.

Watch how to play: