Pill Soccer

Pill Soccer

About game «Pill Soccer»

Pill Soccer is a hurricane of emotions and indescribable sensations that you are guaranteed to get by playing this game. If you love football, you can start rejoicing right now - you will find yourself in the very epicenter of an exciting confrontation between two players, where only the most agile and nimble will deserve victory. Get ready to defend your goal from the ball and at the same time look out for a good opportunity for retaliation, leaving your opponent with nothing but tears! There are 2 players on the soccer field - one for each team. You need to throw the ball into the opponent's goal with all your might and make sure that he does not have time to repulse the attack so successfully that the ball ends up in your goal. Use blows with your head and legs in the air, and also keep a signature technique with you, which is distinguished by greater penetration power and speed.

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