Miami Crime Simulator 3D

Miami Crime Simulator 3D

About game «Miami Crime Simulator 3D»

There is a lot of crime in the cities of Miami and Vegas. It's time to fight back the mafia. A cool Miami Crime Simulator 3D from the third person and in the GTA genre, where you play as a brave police officer fighting criminals is here for you! Enjoy and share with your friends! As the crime rate in Miami crosses legal boundaries, gangs increasingly clash with each other to determine leadership in the neighborhoods. In this dynamic game, you will be on one side of the barricades. Take up arms and enter the warpath. A number of dangerous missions await you, and completing one by one you completely exhaust the enemy camp. Shoot a pistol, machine gun and RPG, drive a real tank and make a big Miami commotion. The game is made in the spirit of the best 3D shooters and will certainly appeal to all fans of the genre.

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