Mommy Cinderella Body Makeover

Mommy Cinderella Body Makeover

About game «Mommy Cinderella Body Makeover»

Welcome to Mommy Cinderella Body Makeover game! Here you will take care of one mom who wants to look not only beautiful on her face, but also with her whole body. Only for this she needs your help. The Disney princess wants to get ready to go to the spa today. There, your task will be to help her find the best body care products for her. These will be special creams that she can use before going to the spa. This is necessary in order for her to have delicate skin. At the end, Mommy Cinderella needs to see how, in the shortest possible time, her skin will return to its previous state. This will be after she gives birth to a child in the future. Let's start? Do whatever is necessary to make Mommy's body look stunning. We believe that you will make a perfect assistant for Cinderella. Good luck!

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