Classic Car Parking Driving School

Classic Car Parking Driving School

About game «Classic Car Parking Driving School»

The ability to masterfully drive a car does not make a person a tough driver yet. To become a professional in this business, it is necessary not only to skillfully drive a car, but also to park correctly. In Classic Car Parking Driving School you will have a great opportunity to learn how to park. But please be patient, because this is an easy task. There are plenty of levels ahead of you, where you have to learn how to park correctly and do it easily and naturally. Easier said than done, but if you persist, then you will succeed! You will drive a vintage car on the training ground. The parking space will be fenced with special cones and other special items. You need to cross all obstacles very carefully and park your car. Try to not touch any obstacle with your car, otherwise you will have to play from the very beginning. Have fun!

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